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Popular Nature

The Popular Nature Project is an accumulation of images of things seen, picked up and examined: they belong there, they are reminiscent of that, they inform this and are surprising here. Individual compositions provide a glimpse of lived experience and the idiosyncrasy of collection. Together they create an ever-changing narrative as they are sorted, reconsidered and repositioned in relation to the overall collection. Each image becomes a component of a larger taxonomic entity, a language of popular nature, whose meaning changes through time by choice, order and the numbers of images collected together.


Currently there have been over100 different Popular Nature images created in Mexico, Gros Morne, Newfoundland, Quebec City, and various locations in Ontario. Only some of the images are shown here.

Popular Nature, 30.5x30.5cm, mixed media including print (litho, drypoint, relief, stencil on washi), acrylic, plaster, and wax, mounted uniformly on 2.5cm deep wood supports. $300.

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