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I was in Mexico from November 2022 until early April 2023 where I walked empty beaches early in the morning, worked in my garden until mid-day and in my studio in the afternoon. 

La Punta 3/23
Century Plant 11/22
My MX Garden 11/22
MX garden rockery 11/22
My MX garden ginger, cordeline 11/22
My MX studio 12/22
My MX studio table 2/23

Solo exhibition at CMS Projects on October 26 - November 29, 2022.

Adrift echoes the quiet, contemplative experience of watching the shifting compositions of objects within water along shorelines.  Whether in a canoe on a river, sitting on a dock by a lake or resting by tide pools in Mexico, the arrangement and rearrangement of natural forms calms and allows the mind to drift. 


Thinking explored in the work includes similarity and difference in repetition within collection, spatial positioning and meaning, and notions of personal identification with objects in place.  


Adrift  All images drypoint on Gampi Silk Tissue (2 layers) 9”x11”  22.86 x 27.94cm $300.  See all of Adrift here


Longevity: The Japanese Paper Place 40th Anniversary Juried Exhibition

November 14 - December 10, 2022.

The Japanese Paper Place,

1-103 The East Mall, Toronto  


I myself 768x1000.jpg

My print I, myself  was chosen for the Longevity exhibition.

Many thanks to Nancy Jacobi of the Japanese Paper Place for providing fine Japanese paper to artists for 40 Years! 

I, myself responds to a burl of wood that is part of a collection gathered while walking within woodlands and along shores. Individual natural objects in the collection provide a portrait of a time and place as well as an opening to other memories within the sensuous curves of the forms. 

 I, myself 

Drypoint on Heritage Sekishu Torinoko Gampi,

28.5"x22"  72.39x55.88cm

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