Covid-19 has changed all our lives. I am thankful that I have remained well, but long to return to normal activities like visiting with friends and family, and travelling for art and pleasure.


While self-isolating in Port Hope I have been working in my studio daily. In 2020 I produced Other Echoes, a collection

of works on paper examining home and memory.


Early in 2021 I completed the Canadian part of The Tangled Garden a large, long-term garden wall project. Hopefully in the future I will have the opportunity to travel and develop the imagined two remaining walls.


My annual summer canoe trip with the other artists of the Gibson Girls, was cancelled and our exhibition in Vilnius, Lithuania was postponed until 2022. The mail art exchange project we were to exhibit,

Where I'm at Now: A Conversation in Art has continued and provided some solace and connection. Go to our newly launched website to see the growing collection of collaborative postcards created by the group. Follow our activities and the project on instagram @5gibsongirls.


Port Hope studio with Other Echoes and Tangled Garden in Progress 2020.