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Other echoes (at home) 

When we abruptly returned home to Canada from Mexico in March 2020 because of the threat of Covid-19, I self-isolated and worked daily in my Port Hope studio. As is my practice when moving from one studio to another, I spent many hours looking at finished work and work-in-progress and mentally relocating myself. It seemed like a good time to focus on resolving a drawer of in-progress works-on-paper that had interesting printed elements collected over many years. This allowed me to both journey back to those times while reflecting on the experience of going no where but home.


I looked to the light that came through my windows and shifted as days and months passed. I examined the collections I lived with: mid-century ceramics, natural history reference guides, insects and bees in jars, stones, and things gleaned from daily walks. I listened to the news and tried to concentrate on my heart. The compositions speak of that time and this time; the then and the now. The images are very much about learning to be content with where I am and what I have now, at a time of so much loss. The work brought me solace, but I think also offers continuing glimmers of hope for us all.

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