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Morning Leaves

Morning Leaves is a collection of relief prints documenting the trees, bushes and vines found in my tropical garden and on my morning walk to the beach. A temporal meditation, the work considers the routine, yet transitory nature of experience. It arises from a specific time of life: a familiar place inhabited for a finite season and a small window of time as the sun rises and the cool of night becomes the heat of day. Chosen leaves are small and freshly unfurled. Rapidly growing and thickening, they would have exceeded the borders of my paper before midday. Instead they have been arrested at this morning hour and carefully carried to my studio for individual printing as a botanical collection. Morning Leaves attempts to recognize and record time.  


Morning Leaves,  Relief on gampi, individual images 4"x6", installation variable. All images unique. 


Botanica is a collection of unique images on handmade Japanese Mura Hoban paper printed using the pre-photographic method of nature printing. Seen as part of a larger historic herbarium, ancillary information from these fragile imprints are preserved in wax in ‘books of study’ in the accompanying Folio Botanica. All the prints reference familiar tropical trees found near my studio in Mexico with titles coming from descriptions given by my Mexican neighbours in my continuing effort to improve my language skills and my understanding of local plants. 

In Afterimage the information is recombined and re-imagined suggesting the optical flickers of light that remain after exposure to an original image has passed. Where the Botanica collection documents individual details of specific trees, Afterimage recalls the experience. 

Botanica, 43x33cm, relief nature prints on Tamura Kozo handmade washi. $300 each.

Folio Botanica

Relief nature prints on washi, mounted with beeswax on 36x60cm birch panels coated in plaster. $750 

After Image

Afterimage Sun, Garden, Sky, 78x59cm, wet mounted relief nature prints on washi with flocking. $600. 

Afterimage Red, 117x78cm, wet mounted relief nature prints on washi with flocking. $950 each.

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