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Adrift echoes the quiet, contemplative experience of watching the shifting compositions of objects within water along shorelines. Whether in a canoe on a river, sitting on a dock by a lake or resting by tide pools in Mexico, the arrangement and rearrangement of natural forms calms and allows the mind to drift. 


Thinking explored in the work includes similarity and difference in repetition within collection, spatial positioning and meaning, as well as notions of personal identification with objects in place.  


Adrift  All images drypoint on Gampi Silk Tissue (2 layers) 9”x11”  22.86 x 27.94cm $300.

I, myself responds to a burl of wood that is part of a collection gathered while walking within woodlands and along shores. Individual natural objects in the collection provide a portrait of a time and place as well as an opening to other memories within the sensuous curves of the forms. 

I, myself  was part of the Longevity exhibition celebrating 40 years of the Japanese Paper Place in Toronto. 

I, myself  

Drypoint on Heritage Sekishu Torinoko Gampi, 28.5"x22"  72.39x55.88cm

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