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Boundless and Borderless

Boundless and Borderless is at The Station Gallery, Whitby, Ontario, May 4-June 16, 2013; Sydney, Australia, May-June 2013; Dundee, Scotland, August-September, 2013 and in Toronto, Ontario, November 2013.

The Boundless and Borderless portfolio comprises forty-four handmade prints by artists from Open Studio, Canada (22) and Sydney Printmakers, Australia (22) in. Each print is 11" x 15" and is printed on 250-300 g BFK archival paper. Printmaking techniques include relief (woodblock, mokuhanga, linoleum), intaglio (dry point, sugar lift, chine collé, embossment), lithography, screenprint and collagraph.

Canada and Australia have similar histories of settlement and colonization. The landscape looms large in both imaginations, as does the spirit of the explorer and adventurer. Each artist in the Boundless and Borderless portfolio has viewed the theme from their own perspective, conjuring up personal experiences and interpreting their ideas with a variety of printmaking techniques.

evening spread
Evening Spread
, lithograph, 11”X15”
Evening Spread presents an heirloom fragment. Nature-printed herbarium specimens of Queen Anne’s Lace, a plant historically collected for its beauty and utility, lie beneath coloured ‘lens’ and ‘pollen’ discs, suggesting a pattern whose meaning is lost across time and beyond borders

station galleryInstallation, The Station Gallery, Whitby, Ontario

Material Muse: Japanese Paper Inspiring Print

May 3 – 31, 2013‚ 10am – 5pm
The Japanese Paper Place Gallery, 77 Brock Ave., Toronto
An exhibition of a twelve print portfolio produced for Southern Graphics Council International Conference 2013.

thicketThicket (Beneath my skin) Drypoint on gampi, 11”X17” 2013

Thicket continues my interest in immigrant plants gone wild, here referring to brambles or blackberries. My Scottish mother often enlisted me to pick brambles with her. They reminded her of home. I spent many summer afternoons picking these berries from dense, thorny thickets, along roadsides and open patches in old farm fields, my skin stained from both the juice of the fruit and blood from my scratched arms and legs. Seeing these thickets now, I am reminded of her.

Thicket is printed on gampi because I wanted to contrast the stiff thorny branches of the brambles with the delicate skin-like paper. I also wanted the ink to bleed through the paper and read clearly on the reverse of the print, a reminder of that indelible mark of my mother beneath my skin.

(Thicket will grow to become part of my Heirloom project of difficult bedding. The prints tile beautifully and make a thorny/vein-like pattern.)


A Commitment to Washi: Canadian Artists Exploring Tosa Washi
June 6–July 30, 2013
The Japanese Paper Place Gallery, 77 Brock Ave., Toronto
10–6 p.m. weekdays
Opening reception: June 6, 6–8 PM, Artists Panel Discussion: June 20, 6:30-8PM

An exhibition of thirteen artists who use washi. This exhibition will be shown in Tokyo, Japan in November 2013.

Susan 2013 $600
Drypoint, relief and acrylic on Gampi, Tosa Usushi and Rayon
wetmounted on Mura Koban 13.5" x 16.5"

Scent 2013 $600
Relief, litho, acrylic and gold leaf on Gampi, Tosa Usushi,
wetmounted on Mura Koban 13.5" x 16.5"

She 2013 $600
Relief and acrylic on Gampi and Rayon wetmounted on Mura Koban 13.5" x 16.5"

her nest
Her Hive 2013 $600
Relief and acrylic on Rayon, wetmounted with Kizuki Tosa Kozo on Mura Koban 13.5" x 16.5"


June 8-30 2013 Opening reception: June 7, 5-7PM
Galerie Engramme, 510, Côte d'Abraham, Québec (Québec) G1K 3P9

Denise Blackburn/Liz Parkinson, Jessie-Melissa Bosse/Liz Menard,
Diane Fournier/Pamela Dodd

An exhibition of artwork created through collaboration between six pairs of print artists twinned between Québec and Ontario.

Jumelage was first shown December 4, 2012-January 4, 2013
at The John B. Aird Gallery, MacDonald Block, 950 Wellesley Street, Toronto.
This is the second installation of Jumelage at Galerie Engramme. Part 1 was exhibited May 17 - June 2, 2013 with work by Sally Ayre/Madeleine Samson, Doug Guildford/Lisette Thibeault, Penelope Stewart/Lise Vézina

Catalogue Available.

jumelageCounterpane (Briar Rose) installation view The John B. Aird Gallery


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