Study of the form of animals and plants.
Study of the form of words and systems of forms in a language.


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Loft installation at the Clarington Centre for Visual Arts, Clarington Ontario, 2010
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In A Morphology, Taraxacum officinale is a traditional botanical print made large and positioned by botanical Latin to suggest elevated value. Similarly a pattern derived from the same dissection is naturalized: escaped, multiplied, and reordered to become domestic culture. But Taraxacum officinale is common Dandelion, a weed. Historically useful and found across the globe, it is now most commonly thought of not as a successful and desirable immigrant, but as an aggressive, noxious, invader.
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Two installation shots from Premier Dance Theatre, Harbourfront
January 21 to May 12, 2006


velo plano velo empatado velo lleno velo detalle

A Morphology Veil is constructed from translucent Japanese gampi printed repeatedly in a floral pattern and scaled to drape through an interior. Its scale can be modified to accommodate each installation. The veil has a beauty that moves towards the marvelous as it convulses and appears to breathe as you do. It is tissue/veil printed repeatedly with dark representations of natural/history; it is dead but moves as alive. The veil shifts and sways from tradition to lyric to perhaps thoughtless richness and ruin. It contains elements of a formal morphology transformed into decorative language. It is a botanical marvel with a familiar drape. It is an enormous print and an ephemeral sculpture. It is a Dandelion, a weed.

In the flourmill that is now The Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, A Morphology Veil blew in the slightest breeze; a weed within the harvest—a marvelous yet familiar alien.

A.K. Collings Gallery
Port Hope, ON, 2007
Naturalized (Veil)
Installation Shot
Art Gallery of Northumberland, Victoria Hall, Cobourg
From Roots to Royalty, August 28 to October 12, 2007
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