Garden Collections

1998 - 2000

These monoprints, small editions and projects are developed over time as information is gathered and explored in a variety of ways. Most often printed information has been gathered in proofing. These many sheets are put away in drawers until new information is found and being developed for another project, suggests an alternate way of thinking about the previous imagery. Like a gardener or collector arranging and rearranging the display to accommodate a newly found specimen, much of my art thinking time is spent sifting through drawers of printed papers considering the history of my image making in relationship to my current work.

  Unrestored Artifacts
fecund large leaf poplar poplar red curl wing


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   These monoprints work through ideas related to The Popular Nature Project and the larger Bocage imagery.

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big orange glow after bee rose china sunflower caught *




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   Killarney Pearls  2005
kp1 kp2 kp3
ed. 10 suite 3 litho and pochoir 12”X 12” $300
This small suite of images suggests a memento of outdoor experience isolated and perfected within a domestic interior.

   Germinating More Culture

This edition was printed for presentation in the Germination Portfolio at the
2006 Southern Graphics Conference.


 Map of Canada

Map of Canada

In this work a fragile web of lacy pattern forms the map of Canada. The recognizable plant performs its name. And Queen Anne? Does she invade or unify? How should we consider our sovereignty?

Queen Anne's Lace

This piece builds from my study of those familiar plants considered weeds. Rather than draw and print specific oversized specimens as a method of reconsideration as in "Morphology" and the "Copperplate Appellation" suites, in this work I collected hundreds of specimens and used them to make one large thing: A Map of Canada.
Map of Canada was made from August through October 2004 and is 8 feet wide and 6 feet high. The repetitive methodology used to create the piece was similar to print process incorporating distinct stepped activities of collecting, flattening to dry, gluing in discrete sections, and finally curating/ constructing the map. News of the world played distinctly through it all, making me think carefully about what it means to be Canadian.

  Field and Home

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The Field and Home Collection (litho & drypoint; suite of 6 images; each edition 10; 14" X 22"; 2000) pairs local field specimens, labeled with their unfamiliar latin names, and evocatively named home-decor colour swatches. Identified nature is romanced: made at once exotic and familiar.

Complete Listing of Field and Home

  Garden Pieces 1998 - 2000

These images examine cultivated nature.
Complete Listing of Garden Pieces

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